Born in 1969 in Iran, Ardavan Roozbeh is a Social Pathology Researcher with some extensive educations, training, and experiences in Journalism, Multi-Media, Photo Journalism, Radio Production and blogging. He started with taking basic courses at the Iranian Youth Cinema Association and Institution for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Iran. A trait he has never abandoned; he is still taking more and more courses anywhere he can find them. His favorite quote is: ” never stop learning because life never stops teaching!”.


Experienced Editor In Chief with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Active media and communication professional skilled in Photography, Microsoft Word, News Writing, Documentaries, Digital Media, Social Media, Web base Newsroom, Editing, and Adult Training.
He has been working as an Editor-in-Chief, and licensee for several Persian publications such as a Farsi language magazine calls Monorail published in Malaysia. He also works in some media as a crisis journalist and photographer. Besides, he has experiences in adult training, Farsi Language, Photography,  and Radio Online.



As a serious photographer, Ardavan started in 1985, when he was still a high schooler, on battlefields during the Iran-Iraq war. 
In 1988, he officially started his career as a  journalist and social Reporter for the Quds newspaper, reporting on all people-and-civil-related news such as the return of the Iranian prisoners of war from Iraq. More…


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