Then He Said “Good Bye”

Whenever did I say how you are? He would reply with “not bad”! I never heard him say he was doing well. Thirty years ago, he had left Iran, his homeland. His name was Saadi, the same name as a famous Persian poet, and was born in an aristocratic family.
Saadi never let anyone pay for food and other stuff in parties and friend gatherings. He was dominant, kindful and sometimes angry. When someone asked for help, Saadi was going to help.
He would help young people get a job, gave money to friends who had problems. He was a Republican, but sometimes when he was angry he would curse both the Democrats and the Republicans, that’s what made him more lovely!
Several months ago, he realized that he had cancer when it had already taken over almost his entire body. Fighting was futile, but he spent five months trying to stay strong.
Our last visit was when I was on my way to Europe. He spoke with his eyes. I am sure he was great in this combat. Five months after the diagnosis he left us forever.
Saadi was my opponent for playing backgammon. Today I asked myself after Saadi; backgammon is never going to be pleasing for the rest of my life.

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