A Day in The Life of a Hookah Bar

The mustache Cafe is a Hookah Bar in Rockville, MD that is a right place for gathering and Hookah for young people. The manager’s name is Damon, 24 years old and he has a new kind of business in Maryland. Hookah or Shisha is a kind of traditional smoking of the Middle East. Every day many people have questions about Hookah from him. Also, many people think its like Pot but wrong. Mustache Café opened every 6 PM in the whole of the week and closed after midnight. Most of the young people are their customers. They come to the café not only for taking Hookah but also for gathering and fun. Damoon, Mustache Café’s manager, works for two things, cover the college expenses and works precisely on his major.

© Ardavan Roozbeh

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