Kabul 2001 / After Taliban / A crashed Airplane near the City


Experienced Editor In Chief with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Active media and communication professional skilled in Photography, Microsoft Word, News Writing, Documentaries, Digital Media, Social Media, Web base Newsroom, Editing, and Adult Training.

He has been working as an Editor-in-Chief, and licensee for several Persian publications such as a Farsi language magazine calls Monorail published in Malaysia. He also works in some media as a crisis journalist and photographer. Besides, he has experiences in adult training, Farsi Language, Photography,  and Radio Online.


As a serious photographer, Ardavan started in 1985, when he was still a high schooler, on battlefields during the Iran-Iraq war. 
In 1988, he officially started his career as a  journalist and social Reporter for the Quds newspaper, reporting on all people-and-civil-related news such as the return of the Iranian prisoners of war (POWs) from Iraq.

He began concentrating on taking photos that tried to depict social issues. Consequently, he held two exhibitions in the city of Mashhad: “Shade of Image” and “Behind Retina,” which portrayed the living conditions of the city peddlers in the municipal shelter. 
It was repeated in Tehran in 1991, even though some officials harshly criticized this exhibition in MashhadHolding .those demonstrations, along with other professional “issues” resulted in Ardavan’s dismissal from Qods.
In 1991, he stood up Tous, a newspaper later banned. In 1992 he joined Khorasan, one of the oldest Iranian newspapers, where he covered public news in Social Services Segment and soon was assigned the editor of Youth Services’ duties. 
In 1993, Ardavan was officially recognized, and licensed, by Iran’s ministry of culture as freelance journalist and photographer.

He immediately left Khorasan and was assigned to work with different publications on social, as well as, the Afghan issues.
In 1997, he became the licensee-owner of “Westpoint” called in Farsi Khavaran, where he was already performing the editor-in-chief’s duties since 1992. The weekly Khavaran was formed in early days of the reformist government by a group of socially aware writers. However, due to the Press Control Board’s complaints in 1998, this publication did not last long either since the paper was banned, and its case went first to the public prosecutor’s office and from there to Mashhad’s 12th branch of the justice court.
 In 1999, he published “Mirror” in Farsi Moroor, a monthly magazine with strong Social Pathology contents that caught lots of experts’ attention. 
It raised many eyebrows to the point where the ministry of culture’s secretary of advertising and the press of Khatami’s presidency permitted its inclusion in all Iranian libraries.

In 2000, Moroor’s only 2nd year of publication, its license was revoked and despite years of constant pursuing it remains shut down.
Between 2001 and 2005 he financed, stood up and ran many short-lived freelance publications. In 2006, he joined Radio Zamaneh, a newly formed multifaceted radio station operating out of Amsterdam commenced on the 100th anniversary of the Iran constitution, as a Production Team Staff. 
He left Radio Zamaneh in 2009. Besides, based on citizen journalism he established a media that named RadioKoocheh, Koocheh -means alley-, between 2009 – 2015.
Among his accomplishments’ inventory during years of journalistic and research activities, one can find many photographs, reports, and writings that cover more than 15 countries spanning Afghanistan, the European Union, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, the Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates.

Ardavan is also an experienced teacher who’s able to transfer knowledge in the areas of Principles of -and Media- Journalism as an adult trainer.

2009 Kuala Lampour / Radiokocheh Executive Editor

Afghan Incursions

Ardavan has worked in one of the world’s major hotspot: Afghanistan.
He was there frequently during the Cherokee War of Afghan fighters and after their victory in Hasht Soor.
In 1997, during the fall of the central government under Burhanuddin Rabbani’s presidency in Kabul, he was in Northern Afghanistan’s Balkh, Mazar Sharif and Kunduz.

Also, In the last days before the fall of Bamiyan-where two statues of Buddha were demolished by the Taliban-he was there making a documentary.
He also witnessed and reported the Taliban’s fall at the hands of NATO and the US. 
He  photographed the people at the refugee camps and later showed them in an exhibition called “We are nothing, Afghanistan nothing.”
 These trips are chronicled in different magazines and websites. 
He has also secured exclusive interviews with Afghan army commanders and politicians.

Currently, Ardavan is working on a book that looks at two decades of memories and events in Afghanistan from his point of view.
His research ‘s thesis is titled: “The Media and its Impacts on Governmental Reforms.” 
Using Afghanistan as a representative society, this dissertation studies the mass media’s role in the Afghan events during the past thirty years.

2011 Reston Town Center VA / Nowruz Festival


Member, National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) – U.S.A.
Member, ZUMA Press – U.S.A.
Member, Washington Press Club – U.S.A.
Member, National Press Photographers Association NPPA – U.S.A.
Member, Pacific Media Workers Guild – U.S.A.
Member, International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) – Belgium
Member, Iranian Association of Journalists – Iran
Member, Press House in Khorasan – Iran
Member, Association of Photographers – Malaysia


Besides holding a BA degree in Journalism, he has taken courses in Citizen Correspondence, Interviewing, Media Management, Media Photography, Multi-Media, News, Adult Training, and Radio Production in Denmark, England, Holland, and Iran. Currently, he is taking new advanced Journalism, General Education, and Photography courses at the Montgomery College in Maryland and Digital Media in UMUC.

2014 Pennsylvania / Podcast Workshop


Editor-in-chief, and Licensee Owner weekly Khaavaraan (West Point) – Iran
Editor-in-chief, weekly Ta’tilaat (Vacation) – Iran
Editor-in-chief, weekly Rooznameh-Negar (Journalist) – Iran
Editor-in-chief, weekly Nakhost (The First) – Iran
Editor-in-chief, and Licensee Owner monthly Moroor (Mirror) – Iran
Editor-in-chief, Monorail Magazine – Malaysia

Member, Khorasan Press Board of Directors – Iran
Member, Khorasan Press House Board of Directors (two terms) – Iran
Member, Khorasan Advertising Association (two terms) – Iran
Chairman, Paragliding Association – Iran
Senior Producer, Human Rights programs Radio Zamaneh – The Netherlands

2015 Rockville / In ambulance as EMT


Photography Exhibition, Title: Disable Girls, Montgomery College, U.S.A. – 2016
Photography Exhibition, Title: Children in War, Iran – 2004
Photography Exhibition, Title: Others’ Point of View, Iran – 2004
Photography Exhibition, Title: Loneliness – 2003
Photography Exhibition, Title: We are nothing, Afghanistan nothing, Afghanistan after Taliban, Iran – 2001
Photography Exhibition, Title: Behind Retina, Iran – 1991
Photography Exhibition, Title: Shades Image, Iran – 1990
Held five individual photography exhibitions, such as: Who is Beggar,  Iran 1986 – 2005